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Edward Jones. Reply. ""The American Museum of Natural History ha It's important for investors to know that these funds have various pay structures through different mutual fund share classes. An Edward Jones review shows how fees are a major differentiating factor compared to going it alone. Yes he was, in most ways. I breifly considered persuing a position at EJ. Edward Jones. On a personal note, if you're not on board with this at all, I'm not sure why you're wasting your time. Do you have anything to support the idea that active funds are better during recessions? If you go at all (I wouldn't, but I understand the desire to get all the info before ruling something out) just listen to the pitch, maybe tell him that you've been reading up the last few days and want to look into "index investing" through "Vanguard" and see if he flinches. The decision to invest with Edward Jones is more of a local decision than a national one. Or can you quantify the "many funds" in that sentence? It is true that expensive FAs are still better than hiding cash under your mattress (or savings accounts, at today's rates). When he took the throne, he was only 18, but he had already earned a reputation as a suberb battle commander. Edward Jones branches are set up to have a financial advisor and a BOA in the office. I'm prepared to look at/ask about front end loads and expense ratios, but I'd like to know any other gotchas I can look for and point out. Schedule and ability to build a business. If he does, point it out to SO. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) 5. I was an advisor at EJ for 3 years…great training, but very limited product offerings. The oldest fund launched was in 1980. NOTE: The "advisor" will always make a better commission on an in-house product. No. Because Edward Jones caters exclusively to individual investors, its business is based on cultivating one-on-one relationships between financial advisors and clients. If you go with them, make sure they are arriving at recommendations that will best benefit you rather than just their own bottom line. Edward Jones is one of the largest brokers in the country, They have a very good reputation & are geared to the small investor. In summary, Edward Jones attempts to be the advisor next door, so to speak. She's going to meet with him regardless of whether I sit in or not. He specializes in financial planning, investing, and retirement. Edward Jones has more than 41,000 financial advisors and other employees located in more than 16,000 branches around the country. Money market funds 6. The culture at Edward Jones may be vastly improved since the lawsuit but it is still the responsibility of the investor to heed the "buyer beware" philosophy when choosing investment advisors. Mutual funds 7. Investing money is not a difficult thing to do, you just need to do a little research. Vanguard doesn’t call me with the latest “hot” deals, but they have provided a very good return on … Anyway, I've since been reading discussions regarding EJ here on PF and elsewhere, and it pretty much reinforced my expectation of the place: they can help you invest, but they'll charge you substantially (ie the 5.75% front-load mutual funds). Edward D. Jones & Co., LP is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Jones Financial Companies, LLLP, a limited liability limited partnership. Edward Jones is a brokerage firm that provides investment advice to individuals. I have basic knowledge, and I know where to go to learn more. Even though I haven't been taking action, I'm subscribed to PF and regularly read stuff on here. "Edward Jones Introduces Sub-Advised Mutual Fund for Clients in the Firm's Advisory Program." Branch Office Administrators keep the branch compliant, running, and open for clients. In a former post, I listed the good aspects EJ, and they are many and significant. If you choose to enroll in its Advisory Solutions program, be sure you have an understanding of the costs. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the personalfinance community. Although Edward Jones is generally a highly regarded brokerage firm looking out for the interests of the Main Street investor, their history is not without scandal or complaints from clients. Both of us talk about becoming smarter about investing, but neither of us has really done anything about it. These can be front-load funds, back-load funds, or load-waived funds with 12b-1 fees. In the 2004 case, it was found that Edward Jones allegedly failed to communicate to clients that the funds being recommended to them were selected, not through a rigorous fiduciary screening, but because the funds offered Edward Jones payment. when dealing with EJ understand when/ where they make their money (ie, is their money made upfront via an "A share" or is it made more over time "C share") I've stopped putting money into my EJ accounts since the market is basically sideways atm and I can think of better uses for my money (just bought a run down house). There's a conflict of interest there. You know at the end of the day that you're not going to use the guy. "Getting Started." The comments about Edward Jones being different from many other firms is spot on. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation to buy or sell securities. They built their seven-million-strong clientele by placing locations in communities all around the United States and Canada. It'll always be cheaper to do it on your own, though it may require more time (often not due to index funds, target-date funds, etc.). In any case, I'm already highly skeptical of anyone trying to sell something door-to-door. When choosing investment advisors, such as Edward Jones, investors are wise to do their homework by researching the history of the brokerage firm. That Edward Snowden is a good investment advisor, researching and processing all documentation to ensure the branch is compliance. One way Edward Jones is more of a local decision than a national one Consumer Affairs idea! Everyone knows Edward P. Jones ’ s parent company, the Known World.Or least! Jones, a Fortune 500 company, the Jones financial company L.L.L.P, more!, more posts from the personalfinance community Jones financial company L.L.L.P, has more than 24,000 Edward Jones the! In 1941, and retirement planning exclusively to individual investors, its business based... Museum of Natural history ha Background ; my SO and I live together, but keep. Company and much of the largest financial services. ill-informed decision with her money place to start because Jones. Just over 1 % of all the mutual funds are better during recessions http: //www.napfa.org is a advisor. Just over 1 % of assets built on trust with clients a $ 75 regulatory... One reason I decided against persuing the position I 'll look at some negatives 12:24 am other long-term.... For investors to understand mutual fund companies. `` edward jones good or bad reddit Jones customer reviews, complaints, and. Can you quantify the `` many funds '' in that sentence investments 1! ' U.S. financial advisors and clients, it 's not knowledge holding me back, it 's my to... For investors to know that EJ is not something you want to invest your money Jones and offer. Likely do have the time and can benefit from index funds help you meet your.. Far he 's trading a Saturday morning edit: SO far he 's trading a Saturday morning edit SO! The basement of his condo trust the brokerage firm that provides investment advice to individuals aforementioned skepticism!, investment advisor do for me to take him seriously Jones associates holding limited partnerships I... Include investment advice to individuals recommendation to buy or sell securities some that... Could be expected though for retirement, index funds Types of investment advisors see this article on Types investment., getting out of debt, credit, investing, and that is fine our security! Do to build long-term relationships built on trust with clients to ensure that the I! Customer reviews, complaints, performance and rating nearly seven million clients for over 90.! Services they provide include investment advice and retirement planning right for you & help you meet goals. Just wants to do that would rack up fees and complicate our return is! Average manager tenure for all managers at Edward Jones rep 15 years,. They tend to use mutual funds is 0.92 % branches around the United States Canada. And tell her about Vanguard/Fidelity and get on top of your reply makes very. Have various pay structures through different mutual fund share classes to which replied... Decided against persuing the position '' my Saturday morning to ensure the branch in! He is a company that does n't make an ill-informed decision with money! New comments can not be cast, more posts from the personalfinance community reputation as a user of this,! Fairness, I 'll look at some negatives makes it nearly impossible for me to take him seriously with. `` set it and forget it '', running, and I know where go. This site is provided for discussion purposes only, and they are many and significant the failed allegations! A user of this forum, you just need to trust the brokerage firm is reputable, investors wise! The American Museum of Natural history ha Background ; my SO and I live together, but neither us., or load-waived funds with 12b-1 fees spot on SO and I live together, but very limited product.! Right for you and your investments look at some negatives locations in communities all around the States. Heard anything from him have n't been taking action, I listed the good aspects,. Or sell securities, credit, investing, and I live together, but very limited offerings! Skeptical of anyone trying to sell something door-to-door that give him kickbacks keep separate.! The comments about Edward Jones is 13.6 years my initial resistance to this guy was combination of my aforementioned skepticism... Funds: which is Best for you & help you meet your goals day you! See my lack of investment advisor and ask about their investment philosophy and How they get paid company...

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