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You have to use that same curiosity that got you to that criticism to explore the theological and apologetic systems that answer it. Understand that part of the problem is the inherent flaw of developing your theology online. Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ESK, Dec 7, 2017. I don’t want them to go to Hell. Sampson, who has notably written songs for Hillsong Worship, Hillsong United, Delirious and Young & Free, shared a now-deleted post to Instagram, explaining how he is “losing” his faith. It is through these means that God has promised to create and strengthen faith and offers the forgiveness of sins. What happens when you’ve lost your faith? You might never be 100% sure. amadeus and April_Rose like this. Losing Faith. I still believe that God exists, but I'm having major doubts about the Bible and what did and didn't happen. 618 Society 5,025 views. Wish I knew what to say as my typical support answer for Christians losing their faith is to read their bible... Go to church where His Word is preached correctly and the sacraments are properly administered. One reason is because I can’t even begin to understand how the Lord can hear the prayers of so many people. Jesus had died and resurrected, was talking to them face to face, and let them feel his hands and feet; yet, the scriptures record that they did not believe, even still. No to be an a$$, but this is not the proper place for messages like this - sub rule 2.1. I agree that whether I believe or not does not change whether God does or does not exist. What kind of doubts are you having specifically? Help me I'm losing my faith. Losing God was like watching my best friend die. Then take a break. Pray for belief. Only then can you with absolute certainty make a choice that is fair, truthful, and intellectually honest as you have left no stone unturned. Why should I have to stop being gay so I dont have to burn forever or why should I have to be okay with everything that happens in my life because "it must be Gods will"? I been a christian for 25 years, now I honestly cannot believe I'm considering becoming a muslim, can you believe … I am so happy now, so at peace with the world. Archived. I just got out of an extremely abusive relationship with a man who's a devout Christian. I want to be a good Christian with every part of me, but it’s getting harder for me to keep my faith as I get older and delve deeper into some of these subjects. As I get deeper into my journey with Christianity and try to "find" God, so many things just don't make sense to me, there is a huge lack of evidence to support any claims made within the Bible, and I still feel the same connection with God as I did before I gave my life to him which is no connection at all. When Darwin made the discoveries on the Galapagos islands, he said, "I cannot reconcile my understanding of Scripture with what I have found." 2 Peter 1:19 says "We have also a more sure word of prophecy, whereunto ye do well that ye take heed..." It is the way we may be sure, even when the world around us makes it look like we're wrong. Maybe we can look to Scripture and see what the other saints did during their crisis of faith, or their losing faith in God’s will for their life. Losing my faith naturally put a strain on my relationship with my family. Not that he was a devout Christian in any sense, but it seems like he put more faith in his own understanding than in the reality behind what his understanding was seeking after. I'm starting to question my faith. Most, if not all criticisms on Christianity have been handled already (with many of them being incomplete understandings of Jesus's ministry). 3. Jan 13, 2021 #128. I try getting advice about my faith on social platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Focus on the core: the resurrection. Your comment violates Rule 2.1 and has been removed. Sounds like you're doing just fine. What do you do when you feel your spirit’s broken and now you’ve entered a crisis of faith? Allow yourself to digest and break down what's already in you. August 6, 2020 ... ‘I’m experiencing that,’” he says. It’s crazy.” “This is a soapbox moment so here I go … How many preachers fall? Don't read your Bible for a couple days. I don't know, I've been a christian all my … Welcome to Christian Forums, a Christian Forum that recognizes that all Christians are a work in progress. ... Marty Sampson of @Hillsong posting about leaving the Christian faith breaks my heart. To start, my apologies for the long post ahead but I seem to be losing my faith and want to walk away from Christianity and religion and just figure out life myself and would like some help. Then the onus of these questions and feeling gnawing at your faith become a self fulfilling prophecy as you don't do anything about it. I have prayed for guidance, purity, and for him to influence my life how he sees fit, however, nothing has happened. But I am told it works even if you don't believe in it.". Also, if God truly does have everything planned out for our lives, then aren't we technically on a path destined for either Heaven or Hell? Yikes, I'm thinking our friend is not being honest here. Lots of luck with it. ESK New Member. Just as it has been said in Proverbs that "there is nothing new under the sun", so are the questions that have been asked and answered in regards to Christianity. Ok, well first off I'm 17. So then what's the point of giving us challenges in life to see how we overcome them if he already has it destined for us to go one place or another. I'm a Christian and I hvae been basically my entire life. Also, I think the idea of sitting back and letting someone who may or may not even be real control your life in literally every way seems a bit submissive and ludicrous to me because who's to say that this being is really in control? Help, I'm Losing my Faith in God Bryant Chambers. This should instead be done with an elder or pastor in a one-on-one session where they are trained and equipped to give you the answers to the questions that you seek. amigo de christo likes this. I’m losing faith. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Remember doubting Thomas who demanded to see physical evidence of Jesus's marks upon the cross? Now I’m not trying to put Trump supporters down here but this has been a big part of my slipping faith. I had to find an honest path. I will pray for you my brother. I would also suggest reading Luther's Small Catachism. I hope you find peace in Christ. Lewis, St. Augustine, G.K. Chesterton, Tertullian, Alvin Plantinga, Fyodor Dostoevsky, William Lane Craig, John Locke, etc. I'm starting to feel like the Bible isn't the word of God. I mean he can do everything, so why won't he? I know Who's I am and He loves me despite that. to which he replied, "Oh, I don't believe in it. ... “You go back to the first 1,300 years of Christianity, and faith is defined as a … Perhaps I got got a bit too heavily into Orthodoxy too quickly, and got burnt out. But I read the Bible every day and it's so…human. Prophecy gives us that anchor which allows our faith to remain sure in rough waters. who truly believes and repents of their sins will be saved and have access to heaven? Find other people who are honestly struggling with their faith. I need help?!?" i'm only 13 and in the past year, my dad has died from an angry form of brain cancer, gbm, all my distractions shut down, covid happened, my moms cousin almost died, i can't see any of my family, my taekwondo place is slowly losing … I go through periods where I question my faith. I have been angry towards most Christians … I am hoping that maybe someone can present me with something that will compel me to be faithful. I'm not sure what caused this change in me. Like, what bothers me now is nothing. I’m genuinely losing my faith, and it doesn’t bother me. Loading ... Christian Depression & Why So Many Are Losing Faith In God - Part 1 - Duration: 12:47. I'm losing faith in Jesus, Christianity, what can I do? To start, my apologies for the long post ahead but I seem to be losing my faith and want to walk away from Christianity and religion and just figure out life myself and would like some help. Take a break and let yourself think and process everything you've learned so far. 236. These are starting points--there's so much more out there! And you need to understand god equals magic equals bullsh!t. I'm assuming they're condemned to hell forever because they don't believe in him, right? How can one be okay with their dearest loved one being taken from them in an unimaginable way but be expected to be okay with this because "everything happens for a reason", and "God has had this planned out from the beginning"? This is basically saying "believe in magic that supposedly happened thousands of years ago or be tortured for all of eternity because you used logic and questioned the theory". Supplicate. “No one talks about it. and just tons of doubts. Take heart though as one of the primary reactions of a belief founded on faith is questioning. Remember what King Solomon, the wisest man in the Bible said? Also, something that bothers me is that if God is so perfect and almighty, why did he create such a flawed system where if you fail to believe, in spite of the there being no verifiable evidence that such a deity actually exists, you will be eternally punished? Support our journalism. He knows the choices we'll make, and how we will ultimately choose to react to them so what's the point? But I feel like I'm slipping away. It is through time, prayer, study, temptation and deliverance that your faith will be made stronger. God never intended us to develop our belief in Him solely off of reason but rather primarily off of faith. Seriously. Faith is a funny thing. Otherwise, the things you reject is based on intellectual laziness. Ironically, people fail to use the same curiosity that drives them to atheism to also drive them to answer their question philosophically or theologically. I am really frustrated, hurt, and plainly lost right now in my faith. Admittedly, I find this step a lot easier within the institutional Church that is an authority on these matters, rather than trying to figure it out on our own. but do not ignore the fact there could be a being(s) beyond comprehension surpassing physical laws and others.) i'm also having a hard time trusting in god because of all the stuff i had to go through in the past year. I have been a Christian all of my life. 12:47. I have prayed for strengthening of our relationship, guidance to come closer to him, guidance in my every day life to break free of my past and renew myself for him but I feel absolutely no desire to change and seeing how there's an extreme lack of evidence for everything that took place thousands of years ago, I think you can understand why. You will need to register to be able to join in fellowship with Christians all over the world.. We hope to see you as a part of our community soon and God Bless! You mean to tell me that I am supposed to sit and talk to someone who is hopefully listening to me when in all of my experience with praying, this doesn't feel to be the case. I want to believe there is a God and that he is gracious and loving and accepting and that there is a beautiful eternal life waiting for us if we "do good" and follow orders here on Earth, however, I just don't know anymore. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Dec 7, 2017 #1. No one talks about it. Look for what he's doing in other people's lives and see where he takes them. I feel like I'm losing (my) faith.. It's a good book. I will be praying for you! By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies.Learn More. It is only after Jesus explains to them the fulfilment of prophecy that they believe. That you have no right to deny anything unless you have explored it to is deepest depths, from its historical, archaeological, theological, etc perspective. Help I'm Losing my Faith. The disciples, in Luke 24:36-53, didn't believe. Why would I continue to do so if I am not feeling different or seeing any results in my life? Messages: 3,104 Likes Received: 2,789. It’s really stressing me out. I'm losing all faith in God. Accepting the null (what some would call atheism) after doubt is considered an intellectually lazy position as it requires the least amount of effort. I've read Mere Christianity. You read one argument or sentence and BOOM, it delivers a gut wrenching punch that shakes your entire foundation of your faith. Losing my Faith. I feel like I wasted most of my life praying to an imaginary "friend." I began to feel like I was leading a double life. I'm a Christian and I hvae been basically my entire life. Subscribe today. The best place to see God working is in a community that's serving and obeying him, one that isn't insular. I don not want to completely walk away from my faith because of all the "What if's". I'm constantly struggling with my faith... and im not getting any better. I think if i lost my faith completely i would be as an empty shell washed up from the brethren of the sea. To make a long story short, my journey with Christianity has been short; no more than 6 months. I'm not sure if I'll be okay. How to Deconstruct Your Faith Without Losing It by RELEVANT Staff. I've been there too (still am, in a sense), and it's rough. I'd also recommend picking up a copy of this book and reading it: The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable to Read It. What is Heaven is real? Their other books are good too. A majority of the Bible is based on the Prophesies of others so how are we to know that these few people weren't just making things up as a way to influence others to do "good" and submit to a new way of living life by using scare tactics against them (if you don't stop this, you get eternal torture). What if I am going to Hell? That doesn't sit right with me. Could there also be a counter-answer to this dilemma or doubt that you just experienced? Pray. To me, the point of faith is found in this objective reality that persists, regardless of our own interpretation of that reality. Featured Afraid of Losing My Faith In God ... Jan 7, 2021 #21. historyb Well-Known Member. “I’m genuinely losing my faith, and it doesn’t bother me. Jan 8, 2021 #94. An informal fallacy based on false representation of an opponent's argument. I am really lost right now and don't know what to do. If the resurrection happened, it supports the rest of our faith. it's just that..I've believed for basically my entire life, and it's become a part of who I am. I don't think I'm qualified to say. Your voice is missing! Help I'm Losing my Faith. level 2. All are welcome to participate. Faith: Christian Country: United States. Start with C. S. Lewis's Mere Christianity and N. T. Wright's The Resurrection of the Son of God. BUT, my point is that I couldn't have been a true Christian if my faith was based on fear of hellfire and critical thinking. /r/Christianity is a subreddit to discuss Christianity and aspects of Christian life. Faith rests on fulfilled prophecies. When I was ... my faith fell apart until I didn’t believe in God ... All of my friends were Christians. I believe there are two main reasons. ... Hey I was rooting for Trumpy before most Republicans were, I listened to what he was saying ... and I'm British, but I knew he wouldn't make it this time and I'm very sorry. I don't understand what's happening to me. How can anyone deny evolution or the lack of historical evidence that Jesus existed. But I feel like I'm slipping away. This transcends into the shaky bounds of theological suicide based on apathy and nihilism. Hope... and cry for some answers of Christianity that I cant seem to receive from my Church, is there any hope? Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight." Faith: Christian Country: United States. Messages: 500 You need to understand you are a victim of the child abuse called religious brainwashing. I grew up in church and became a "born-again" Christian at age 12 through one of those "scare you into becoming a Christian" plays. and I'm so consumed with this new way of thinking that it's off-putting.

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